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The Essentials of Qualitative Research (EQR) series is an integrated set of graduate methodology courses from introductory to advanced levels offered through CQ. Some courses are designed as introductions to the distinctive character and uses of qualitative inquiry for students seeking to appreciate what such research is about (e.g. NUR1028), or to find out if it might have promise for their own research projects (e.g. CHL5221). Other courses, certainly the more advanced level ones, are for students who have committed to a qualitative approach and who seek methodological skills and knowledge for doctoral level research (e.g. NUR1024, CHL5115).

The course series is intended to provide educational opportunities in theory, methodology, and practice of qualitative health research. Most of the courses draw heavily on social science and health research, but all address core generic issues of critical qualitative inquiry. For more information on the EQR course series, please click here. For course outlines, please click here.