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At CQ we are quite aware of the scarcity of resources for those who teach or are planning to teach qualitative health research. For this reason, we have created this section to share with our Canadian and international colleagues some of our teaching-related work to date, which has been compiled here as resources for educators. We offer access to master’s and doctoral course outlines (including reading lists), video lectures designed for classroom use, a website for teaching data analysis, documents from our previous teaching workshops, and publications on teaching qualitative research.

In our teaching, we challenge the premise that qualitative research is a toolbox of methods or techniques. Since the topics taken on by qualitative researchers in the health field are typically social in character, we believe students need social theory to frame their studies, interpret data and to re-conceptualize research questions. To optimize the potential of qualitative research, we teach students the multiple paradigms of knowledge production, the need for epistemological and methodological congruence, and the ability to think critically and creatively.