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Before You Publish

Qualitative researchers encounter numerous challenges in getting their research published in  academic health research journals for reasons that range from ideological (e.g. institutional disregard for non-numeric, non-positivist methodology and forms of knowledge) to the practical (limited access to experienced qualitative manuscript reviewers; inappropriate word length and publishing conventions).

CQ engages in a variety of activities to address such constraints on academic publishing, some are undertaken on an informal, proactive basis by individual members of the CQ community, others are being organized more concertedly.

One such effort is the recent appointment of Joan Eakin, Director of CQ, as Associate Editor responsible for qualitative research to the Canadian Journal of Public Health. A national advisory group of qualitative health researchers across Canada has been established to develop a strategic plan for this opportunity, including appropriate assessment criteria for evaluating qualitative research, and assembly of a roster of experienced qualitative journal reviewers. In the future it is hoped that prototypical approaches can be exported to other journals and publication/dissemination settings.