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San Francisco declaration on Impact Factors

Here is a link to the full ASCB article "Scientific Insurgents Say Journal Impact Factors Distort Science."
Read the complete “San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment” at where you can also find a list of the original signers and a link to a form for adding your signature to DORA. You can also download the DORA logo and add it to your home page or your slides for your next talk.  
Recommendations for researchers regarding the use of impact factor for academic evaluation:
“15. When involved in committees making decisions about funding, hiring, tenure, or promotion, make assessments based on scientific content rather than publication metrics.
16. Wherever appropriate, cite primary literature in which observations are first reported rather than reviews in order to give credit where credit is due.
17. Use a range of article metrics and indicators on personal/supporting statements, as evidence of the impact of individual published articles and other research outputs [11].
18. Challenge research assessment practices that rely inappropriately on Journal Impact Factors and promote and teach best practice that focuses on the value and influence of specific research outputs.”