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Master's Courses

CHL5221 - Community Health Appraisal Methods (CHAM): Introduction to qualitative Research Methods

This is an introductory course intended for Masters students in public health with limited prior exposure to qualitative research. Students will acquire a sound introductory-level understanding of the qualitative research enterprise, become informed consumers of qualitative research, and be able to participate in the conduct of needs assessments, program evaluations and other applied qualitative public health research. Since this is an introductory course, students pursuing qualitative research for master and doctoral thesis work will need to take additional courses to acquire the required proficiency for that level of research. There are no prerequisites for this course. CHL 5221 is a requirement for MPH Health Promotion, Occupational and Environmental Health and Community Nutrition students. Students from other programs and fields will be admitted space permitting with permission of the instructor. A small number of places in this course are reserved for students in the EQR series from contributing CQ partners. The course is offered through the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, taught by Dr. Dan Allman.

EXS5510 - Qualitative Inquiry and Physical Cultural Studies

This course is intended to prepare students interested in physical culture and health research to engage various forms of fieldwork, interviewing and visual methods, whilst highlighting the centrality of theory in research efforts. Through in and out-of-classroom learning, and assigned readings, students gain an awareness of the appropriate qualitative procedures associated with particular research questions, how to interpret and represent qualitative data in a variety of ways, how to critically assess and employ qualitative data, and how to articulate a theoretical point of view through oral/written reports. Students will obtain skills in reading, comparing, critically examining, evaluating, and summarizing the research of others in the context of their work. Throughout the course, emphasis is given to understanding the role of qualitative inquiry in the study of diverse physical cultures and health issues, the importance of policy-driven qualitative research and the cultural politics of conducting qualitative inquiry. Prior exposure to qualitative research is recommended, but there are no formal course prerequisites. A small number of places in this course are reserved for students in the EQR series from contributing CQ programs.  This course is offered through the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education. Taught by Dr. Michael Atkinson or Dr. Peter Donnelly. Course Outline

PMH1137 - Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Health Sciences

This graduate seminar will introduce students to interpretive and critical qualitative research methods in the health sciences. The course is divided into three blocks: 1. Qualitative Research in Theory and Practice; 2. Data Collection; and 3. Data Analysis. Students are expected to complete the readings (methods text and exemplar study) each week, and to come to class ready to participate in discussions. Each 3-hour class will use examples from the qualitative health sciences literature and from the instructor’s own research to help connect information from methods texts into actual, published empirical articles. It will also combine didactic sessions with hands-on activities and small- and large-group discussions. Students may use this course to start writing their thesis proposals. At the end of this course, students will be able to: 1. Conceptualize, write up and justify scientifically a research project that uses qualitative research methods; 2. Articulate how interpretive and critical qualitative research traditions differ from other forms of research in the health sciences; 3. Evaluate the rigour of qualitative research methods in health sciences research. The maximum enrolment for this course is 15 students, priority given to MSc students. This course, taught by Dr. Elise Paradis, is offered through the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy. Course Outline