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CQ offers a range of courses in its EQR Course Series. We encourage you to review the curriculum for master’s or doctoral-level students to determine which courses are best suited to you and the preferred sequence in which courses should be taken.

While most of these courses are open to all University of Toronto students, we reserve space for students in CQ’s sponsoring and partnering departments and faculties and accept non partnering students where space remains.

CQ does not enrol students on ROSI/ACORN; you must contact the individual instructor (see course list and bios) to express interest and seek registration in his/her course. In order for the instructor to determine whether there is a good fit between your interests and experience and the course content, please include the answers to the below questions in your email to provide information about your qualitative research training:


  • What department and graduate program are you in?
  • Why do you want/need to study QR?

Previous training

  • What is your experience with qualitative research and your familiarity with social theory?
  • Have you taken any of the courses in CQ’s Essentials in Qualitative Research series?
  • Have you taken any other qualitative theory or methodology courses? If so, please specify.

Planned research

  • What is your thesis/dissertation about? Who is your supervisor? (If you are a master’s student in a professional program (no required thesis), please inform the instructor)
  • What methodology will you use/are you using in your research? If you are using qualitative methods, is it solely qualitative methods or mixed methods?
  • What stage of research are you at? For instance: proposal, data gathering, data analysis, writing up.

If the course you wish to take is not offered in your home department, you must contact the course instructor for permission to enrol. Then, print the Add/Drop Course(s) Form and have it signed by: you, the course instructor, the chair or graduate coordinator of the department in which the course is being offered, your supervisor (if applicable), and the chair or graduate coordinator of your home department. Finally, submit this form to your graduate unit for SGS approval. 

Courses in the Essentials of Qualitative Research series are only available to University of Toronto Students or those who register as a Special Student