Course Descriptions

The courses in the Essentials of Qualitative Research (EQR) series are organized into two levels - master's and PhD. The core curriculum is illustrated in four images, which can be viewed here.  

The EQR courses consistently receive high ratings from students. Based on available evaluations, on average, students agree or strongly agree with all positive measures of both CQ course evaluations (i.e. course met stated objectives, was relevant to student learning and future careers, provided appropriate resource materials and employed appropriate methods of evaluation) and instructor evaluations (i.e. the instructor is accessible to students, clearly communicates concepts and connections, stimulates critical thinking and creates positive learning experiences). Where available, student evaluation comments associated with EQR courses are included in the course descriptions at the below links. Student evaluation comments associated with EQR course instructors are included in the respective instructors' bios.

Master's Courses 

PhD Courses

Recommended Social Theory Courses