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CQ Doctoral Dissertation Award

The “Joan Eakin Award for Methodological Excellence in a Qualitative Doctoral Dissertation” promotes and acknowledges the achievements of doctoral graduates who have completed exemplary qualitative research in the health sciences at University of Toronto. In the fall term of each year, CQ circulates through its Listserv (and posts on this website) a Call for Applications and announces the award recipient in the following winter term.

The recipient of the award will be invited to present their thesis work at the opening session of the speaker series early in the subsequent fall term. An Award Certificate and monetary prize will also be conferred at that time. The award recipient will be announced on the CQ mailing list and website.

To be considered, the graduate should:

  • be a former University of Toronto student who successfully defended their doctoral thesis within the last academic year; and
  • have conducted a qualitative research study for their doctoral work on a health related topic (broadly defined)

The award will be given to the graduate who best demonstrates in their methodology chapter:

  • Innovation
  • Strong congruence between theory and methodology
  • Strong congruence between methodology and research question
  • Depth and breadth of qualitative knowledge and understanding
  • Creative, sophisticated and coherent deployment of qualitative methodological strategies and techniques
  • Logical, clear and well-written and well-presented description of the methodology 
  • Critical and reflexive insight into the research process, including ethical considerations
  • Critical consideration of rigour/trustworthiness as it relates to qualitative methodology
  • Currency of references - especially in relation to substantive knowledge

Applicants must submit the following:

1. A completed Application Form, including a brief paragraph explaining the merits of the submitted methodology chapter, and;

2. The abstract, table of contents, theory chapter or section where theory is discussed (e.g., introduction), methodology chapter and reference list from the applicant’s successfully defended doctoral thesis.

​For more information, view Call for Applications and Application Form

The deadline for submissions is December 10th each year.  The recipient of the award will be announced in April each year. 

Please email submissions and/or any questions to