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Graduate Education

CQ is unique in its mandate for graduate education and training opportunities for its members. The primary focus of CQ’s graduate education activities is the course series called “Essentials of Qualitative Research.” This series offers a range of interdisciplinary and integrative courses in qualitative methodology for graduate students. Course offerings range from introductory level explorations of qualitative inquiry and theory, to advanced lessons in qualitative approaches that provide students with the necessary methodological expertise for doctoral research. Courses are offered and/or taken by the two sponsoring units of CQ as well as its six contributing member departments.

CQ prides itself in hosting the largest and most extensive offering of methodology courses in critical qualitative health research among the top research-intensive universities in North America. An environmental scan completed in August 2013 indicated that no other institution paralleled CQ in the number and range of courses offered in qualitative health research, and that no other institution offered an interdisciplinary suite of critical qualitative health research courses.

See the Essentials of Qualitative Research Core Curriculum

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