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Enrolling in CQ Courses as a Special Student

Non University of Toronto students can take courses in the CQ series by registering as a 'special student.' Those not enrolled at any other university go through the normal application process as a new special student and pay the application fee, etc.

Individuals wishing to take one or two graduate courses not for degree credit are admitted as part-time special students and must pay for each course or half-course. Fees paid as a special student cannot be applied to any subsequent degree program. Refund dates are different for part-time special students. For details check

Special students have to apply each time they enrol in a course through the School of graduate Studies GS): Any enquiries about enrolling as a special student should be directed to the School of Graduate Studies: or 416-978-6614.

Please note that CQ courses are taught by our partnering faculties and departments, each of which has its own rules and processes regarding special students. So, once prospective special students have determined which course(s) they wish to take, they are advised to contact the relevant department/faculty to ensure special students will be accepted AND contact the instructor to ensure there is space in the course and that they have the required prerequisites. Finally, once special students have registered, they should contact the department in which the course is being offered to ensure enrolment is completed.