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Continuing Education Program

Workshop Series to Maximize the Quality of Qualitative Health Research


This series of workshops is aimed at health researchers and practitioners with an interest in research. It offers one-day workshops on several key topics in critical qualitative research methodology. The series offers learning opportunities for both novice and more advanced qualitative researchers. Some workshops address foundational components of the research process (e.g. design, data analysis), while others engage with special foci of inquiry (e.g. gender, evaluation).

The most noteworthy feature of this series is that the workshops are taught by some of the top qualitative methodologists in the health sciences in Canada, all of whom are Academic Fellows in the CCQHR. The instructors draw on their extensive research experience and their own research projects to enhance the participants learning experience.

The workshops are intended to challenge participants’ common assumptions about qualitative research and to offer creative and critical options for inquiry at the forefront of research in the health sciences. The term ‘critical’ refers to the capacity to question the conceptual and theoretical bases of knowledge and method, to ask questions that go beyond prevailing assumptions and understandings, and to acknowledge the role of power and social position in health-related phenomena.

Workshops topics include:

  • Qualitative Interpretation and Analysis
  • Moving beyond Interviews: Using Creative Methods in Qualitative Health Research 
  • Doing Qualitative Research with Children and Youth 
  • SHOW AND TELL: Articulating your Methods to Reveal the Quality of your Research 


No workshops have been scheduled for spring/summer 2016. Please check the CQ Events page for other sessions of interest.