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Awards and Achievements

CQ is proud to feature the excellence achieved by its students and Academic Fellows: 


CQ Fellow Receives Two Grants

Congratulations to CQ Fellow, Dr. Elise Paradis, and her colleagues Drs. Carol-Anne Moulton and David Urbach, for receiving the PSI Foundation grant ($169,500, over 2 years) for the project "The Tools and the Trade: an ethnographic study of checklist policy and performance, and implications for patient safety.” Dr. Paradis also  received the SSHRC Insight Development Grant ($73,296) for the project “From idea to imperative: The institutionalization of collaboration in Canadian healthcare, 1946-2015.”


CQ Fellow selected for the Brock University Chancellor’s Chair for Teaching Excellence

CQ is proud to share that Academic Fellow, Paula Gardner, is one of five individuals who have been selected for the Brock University Chancellor’s Chair for Teaching Excellence. Her project, A Focus on Faculty: Building a Contemplative Campus One Classroom at a Time is aimed at understanding the challenges of integrating mindfulness into post-secondary classrooms. Read about her work and creative teaching practices.


Two CQ Fellows Receive CIHR Planning Grant

CQ is pleased to announce that Fellows, Paula Gardner and Debbie Rudman, along with other team members recently received a CIHR Planning Grant for their proposed project "Reinventing the Wheel: A Think Tank to Optimize Community Mobility for Older Adults"

Project Aim: The overarching goal of our research team is to promote quality of life and full citizenship among older adults with mobility impairments. Key to the success of this initiative is the advancement of knowledge and its translation on how to optimize community mobility for older adults transitioning from independent mobility to the need for, and use of, a mobility device. To help us achieve this goal we propose a planning meeting among mobility experts and stakeholders to scope the current state of knowledge, identify strategies to mobilize knowledge, and generate directions for moving scholarship forward in this area.


Former CQ Student, Dr. Gail Teachman, Wins Prestigious Governor General's Gold Medal Award

Congratulations to recent doctoral graduate (Rehabilitation Sciences Insititute) and former CQ student, Dr. Gail Teachman, on receiving the Governor General's Gold Medal for her outstanding doctoral work on issues of inclusion and disability in childhood! Congratulations as well to Gail's thesis supervisor, CQ Fellow Dr. Barbara Gibson

Read more about Gail's award-winning research and her connection to CQ in two recent U of T profiles:

Physical Therapy PhD Profile:

Faculty of Medicine 'Faces'


CQ Fellow Featured in the Spring 2016 Issue of EDGE: Research and Innovation at University of Toronto

This profile of CQ Fellow, Izumi Sakamoto's research on the idea of Canadian experience quotes her as saying "we should be embracing, not excluding, new Canadians." Read the full piece here: 


2015-16 Joan Eakin Award for Methodological Excellence in a Qualitative Doctoral Dissertation

The 2015-16 Award was given to Dr. Jijian Voronka for her excellent qualitative doctoral thesis entitled "Troubling Inclusion: The politics of peer work and ‘people with lived experience’ in mental health interventions", which she completed in the Department of Social Justice Education at OISE. Read more about Jijian's thesis here


Special Issue of Qualitative Inquiry: Transgressive Teaching and Practices in Qualitative Research

CQ is delighted to announce a special issue of Qualitative Inquiry “Teaching Qualitative Research as Transgressive Practices,” which was guest-edited by CQ Academic Fellow and course instructor, Dr. Ping-Chun Hsiung. The Special Issue breaks new ground by recognizing teaching as an essential means for the production and reproduction of Critical Qualitative Research (CQR). It conceptualizes the teaching of CQR as involving a set of transgressive practices that sustain and realize critical perspectives and practices in CQR.

CQ highlights two papers authored by our Academic Fellows (pre-publication versions are linked to the titles below):

Joan Eakin, Professor Emerita in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, sociologist, and, founding director of CQ is the author of “Educating Critical Qualitative Health Researchers in the Land of the Randomized Controlled Trial”. 

Ping-Chun Hsiung, Associate Professor in Sociology, CQ Academic Fellow and course instructor, is the author of “Teaching Qualitative Research as Transgressive Practices: Introduction to the Special Issue” and “Lives & Legacies: A Digital Courseware for the Teaching and Learning of Qualitative Interviewing”. 

CQ proudly acknowledges the contributions of its Fellows and trainees (PhD and postdoctoral) who worked together in ‘review teams’ to review the many papers submitted for this issue. As Ping-Chun wrote in her introduction to the special issue “My rationale was to allow the student reviewer to not only see the review process firsthand but also learn to contribute to the intellectual community. I also thought that the insights they would bring as fresh QR learners would be unique and invaluable for a special collection on the teaching of QR.”

CQ Fellow reviewers (and review mentors): Laura Bisaillon, Joan Eakin, Marcia Facey, Denise Gastaldo, Brenda M. Gladstone, Corinne Hart, Ping-Chun Hsiung, Blake Poland, Elizabeth Peter, Janet Parsons, Jay Shaw, Barbara Gibson, Paula Gardner, Debbie Rudman

CQ trainee reviewers: Yani Hamdani, Dana Howse, Martyna, A. Janjua, Ruth Rodney, Elaine Stasiulis, Gail Teachman, Nadine Ijaz, Patrick Jachyra 


CQ Academic Fellow Barbara Gibson publishes book on postcritical approaches to rehabilitation

Dr. Barbara Gibson's new book entitled "Rehabilitation: A Post-critical Approach" reexamines the philosophical foundations of rehabilitation, expanding the concept of movement beyond the physical body. Drawing from disability studies, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, cultural studies, and bioethics, this theoretically rigorous yet accessibly styled text:

  • Explores the limitations of biomedicine as the organizing framework of rehabilitation
  • Evaluates new directions to diversify contemporary rehabilitation practice
  • Establishes the parameters for a reconfigured ethics of rehabilitation

By embracing multiple ideas of movement—not only physical, but also social, emotional, and political—alternative approaches to rehabilitation are revealed.

Read more about Dr. Gibson's book and where to get it. 


CQ Academic Fellow Pia Kontos challenges the stigma of dementia

The Alzheimer Society of Canada recently launched the #StillHere social media campaign and appointed one of our Academic Fellows, Dr. Pia Kontos, as spokesperson! 

The #StillHere campaign aims to challenge Canadians to recognize the people in their communities who are living with dementia and to consider how they might help them live a better life. 

In a recent interview with CBC News, Dr. Kontos, whose research challenges the misconceptions about dementia, noted that despite the struggles, dementia patients can live rich lives. But changing perceptions about the illness will take a societal shift to support people living with dementia.

Dr. Kontos' research, unique approaches to knowledge translation activities and her involvment with the #StillHere campaign was recently featured in Dalla Lana School of Public Health News. You may also read additional coverage of the campaign here.  


CQ Academic Fellows Receive Awards

Dr. Paula Gardner was awarded a 2014 Brock University Tribute to Teaching Award: "Brock University Award for Excellence in Teaching for Early Career Faculty." Read more about the award here.

Dr. Fiona Webster was awarded a CIHR New Investigator Award 2014-2019, the details of which can be found on the CIHR webpage, as well as "The CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA) Research Ambassadors Knowledge Translation Award" for "submitting a superior lay abstract for an IMHA-funded grant or award. To read a description of the award as well as Dr. Webster's lay abstract ‘Finding the complex patient in patient-centred care: an institutional ethnography of chronic pain management in family medicine,’ visit the award webpage