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Academic Visitors

The Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research, the faculty and programs associated with it can provide opportunities for postdoctoral and other academic scholars to visit or pursue projects related to qualitative research, particularly those related broadly to research methodology and the teaching of methodology. CQ’s academic visitors include post doctoral Fellows, scholars, researchers and educators who come to the Centre for varying amounts of time (regular multi-year post-doctoral programs or short visits to enhance professional development or to explore methodology teaching options or particular research issues for their own institutions).

The following information may be helpful to those investigating such options with CQ or their eligibility for such positions:

  • CQ is not able to provide financial support for such visits, but we can help applicants to find suitable supervisors/mentors and to secure their own support. In order for your request to be considered, you must secure your own funding and provide CQ with the relevant documentation or details.
  • CQ normally can provide work space and other modest support to its fellows and visitors.
  • CQ is a specialized research centre for advanced qualitative research and thus visiting scholars would be expected to have practiced qualitative research prior to their visit and to have a solid understanding of qualitative research and methodology.
  • Applicants best positioned for visiting CQ would be those who have interests in research methodology, or in educational issues related to the teaching of qualitative research, particularly in the health sciences. Thus, a focus only on one’s substantive research topic would not be suitable.
  • Those researchers who are seeking to explore methodological alternatives to their current research repertoires are encouraged to consider enrolling as a student at University of Toronto and taking some of CQ’s introductory courses in qualitative research methods and are invited to engage freely in all CQ activities (eg the Speakers seminars) and avail themselves of CQ resources that are publically available.
  • Applicants should send to CQ the following:
    • brief description of your experience doing qualitative research
    • paragraph explaining your goals, objectives of a visit with CQ
    • expected dates/timeline of visit
    • existence/source of funding, including the amount you have or are applying for
    • a sample of your qualitative research, written by you and in English (e.g. publication, thesis chapter)
    • Suggestions for which of CQ’s Fellows and faculty instructors you might be interested in being associated with. You can view the bios of some faculty closely associated with CQ here
  • Those considering formal postdoctoral appointment with CQ might also visit the School of Graduate Studies’ (University of Toronto) policies and procedures for Postdoctoral Fellowships, which apply to CQ visitors. Here you will find information about minimum funding requirements, application process, and specific information for International scholars.
  • Further questions about academic visits and post doctoral opportunities should be directed to Dr Denise Gastaldo, Associate Director of CQ, at