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At the Centre Speaker Series

CQ seminars on methodology and theory feature presentations by leading/established researchers, visiting scholars, and emerging researchers and important and invigorating opportunities for discussion and exchange.

Graduate Education in Research Methodology

CQ engages in numerous activities to support optimal curricula and teaching methods in qualitative research methodology. Most central to this is the development of the Essentials of Qualitative Research (EQR) course series, a coordinated and integrated cross-disciplinary sequence of research methodology instruction, from introductory to advanced training. Students who successfully take a certain number of methodology courses in the EQR series are awarded a certificate of advanced competency in methodology that marks their level of training. To promote and reward superior methodological work, CQ sponsors an annual award for the best methodology doctoral dissertation chapter.

Leadership in qualitative health research education

Locally, CQ orchestrates assistance and supports to the teachers of the EQR courses who meet regularly to exchange teaching ideas and resources. More broadly, CQ hosted in 2004 a National Symposium on the Teaching of Qualitative Methods in the Health Sciences, from which several teaching resources were developed.

Visiting scholar and post-doctoral program

CQ hosts scholarly visitors and post doctoral fellows from academic institutions outside of Canada who come for varying lengths of time to develop their qualitative research or methodology teaching skills.

Advocacy and consultation

CQ undertakes a number of activities designed to enhance the role and effectiveness of qualitative research in the health research field, including those related to facilitating publication and grant review.

International network

Centres with a similar mission, such as the PROGIECS, Qualitative Health Research and Evaluation Program at the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico, and REDICS, the Spanish Qualitative Health Research Network have continued to collaborate with CQ. REDICS invited CQ for a course to be taught in Spain in May 2010.

Additionally, CQ is currently developing an agreement with the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil, to exchange teaching methodologies, academic visits, and post‐doctoral fellows. Please visit our networks page to read more.

Report: CQ's Impact 2009-2013

In 2013, CQ prepared a report of its contributions to the field of qualitative health research and training during it's first four years, from 2009 to 2013. 

Gastaldo, D., Markoulakis, R., Howse, D., & Gladstone, B. (2013). The Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research 2009-2013: Appraisal of contributions to teaching and research. University of Toronto.