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Becoming an Academic Fellow

The Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (‘CQ’) welcomes applications for three-year appointments as Academic Fellow.

Details about the role and responsibilities of Academic Fellows as well as the application process are listed below.

Criteria for appointment:

Applicants seeking Academic Fellow appointment with CQ are expected to:

1. share an interest in and commitment to promoting critical and theoretically-informed qualitative health research;

2. have a Ph.D. and possess a background in conducting and/or teaching critical qualitative health research; and

3. propose a specific contribution to CQ.

Role and Expectations of Membership:

The expectations associated with Academic Fellow status are:

1. to participate in the organization of CQ, including attending bi-annual meetings and planning sessions, and membership and policy decisions

2. to make a specific contribution to CQ, such as:

  • teach a course in the Essentials of Qualitative Research (EQR) series;
  • take a leadership role in key CQ activities and committees e.g., seminar series, awards committee, publication committee;
  • assist with the development and sustainment of CQ’s international initiatives;
  • supervise Academic Visitors;
  • advise/consult on special topics related to area of expertise;
  • present a seminar in the Speaker Series or lead a panel as part of a Critical Issues Forum;
  • develop and teach a workshop in the Continuing Education Program: Workshop Series to Maximize the Quality of Qualitative Health Research
  • take a leadership role in the financial and administrative sustainability of CQ.

Privileges of Membership
Successful applicants will be issued a Letter of Academic Fellow Appointment (3-year term) for their portfolio.

Fellows who teach methodology in the CQ series can join the regular meetings of instructors to discuss pedagogical issues, new educational developments, course design and to share resources.

Researchers have the opportunity to suggest topics for seminars, to make presentations, to have priority admission to special CQ events, and to request support and consultation on their research and publications. 

Academic Fellows have the opportunity to participate in a vibrant intellectual community.

Academic Fellows receive institutional support and acknowledgement from CQ for their research, teaching and career endeavours (e.g., promotions, funding, jobs).

Appointment Process

Prospective applicants must submit the following to

1. a CV;

2. a representative publication of scholarship;

3. a one to two page statement of intent outlining the relevance of their experience to CQ’s goals and their planned contribution to the Centre; and

4. a statement of the applicant’s expectations regarding their involvement with CQ.

Upon request, Renewing Applicants must submit a one-page statement of what they have contributed and what contributions they plan to make in the subsequent term.

Sitting Academic Fellows meet twice a year and will review all applications and vote on new and renewing members. The Academic Fellows group will grow to approximately 20 members, ideally with a balance of disciplines and backgrounds.  Applicants will be accepted accordingly.